ReturnZap is Built for Shopify

ReturnZap is happy to announce that we have received Built for Shopify status.

What is built for Shopify?

Built for Shopify is a program which highlights apps that meet the highest standards of quality, trust, and speed. The program was initially announced by Shopify in 2023 to help merchants identify the highest quality apps within the Shopify app store.

The team at ReturnZap has worked hard to improve performance and streamline our design to meet these quality standards. We're proud of the result, and we're extremely happy to see that Shopify has acknowledged this effort by awarding us the Bult for Shopify badge.

What does this mean for Shopify returns?

ReturnZap is one of a few Shopify returns solutions that have earned the Built for Shopify badge in the Shopify app store. For you, this means that ReturnZap can meet your business needs across 4 dimensions:


Apps that qualify for Built for Shopify go through an audit to ensure that they perform well and don't negatively impact your store. ReturnZap takes this seriously, and keeps all of your data secure.


ReturnZap won't slow down your site, which can have a negative impact on conversion. In fact, ReturnZap can boost conversion by helping you offer a clear and easy returns process to your customers.


ReturnZap integrates directly into the Shopify backend, and feels like an extension of Shopify functionality.


ReturnZap delivers key features at a reasonable price, providing advanced functionality and unparalleled value

While we're happy to have reached this milestone, we continue to have big plans! We'll continue to build on this success to delivery the best returns experience possible for our users and their customers.

David Amouyal
April 1, 2024

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