Powerful Returns Functionality, Easy to Set Up

Our customers consistently tell us how easy ReturnZap is to use. Automate return and shipping labels to save time and delight customers.

Image showing Shopify exchanges, returns, restocking and refunds

Advanced returns, credit, and exchange

ReturnZap gives you advanced Shopify return and exchange functionality with automation, store credit, and configurable incentives to reduce refunds and boost the bottom line.

Example of return and exchange flow within ReturnZap returns portal
Screenshot of Shopify returns analytics page within ReturnZap app

Branded Returns Portal

Get an embedded return portal you can customize to match your brand. Change colors, fonts, borders, and ore.

Deep Integration to Shopify

ReturnZap is a returns app purpose built for Shopify merchants. Sync return status to Shopify orders and process refunds, restocking, exchanges, and store credit directly within ReturnZap.

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Multiple Shipping Methods

Offer return shipping methods that work for the needs of your business, with multiple ways to pass cost along to customers

Prepaid Labels

Integrate with 50+ shipping carriers to automatically create prepaid return labels

Purchased Labels

Give customers the option to pay upfront for a return label directly in the ReturnZap portal

Customer Self Ship

Allow customers to arrange their own shipping back to you, at their cost

Screenshot of Shopify returns analytics page within ReturnZap app

Return Analytics at a Glance

Track return volume and identify problem products so you can take action.

Works Worldwide

50+ carrier integrations and translations in 12 languages means ReturnZap works worldwide. Get advanced functionality to manage international returns.

World flags, ReturnZap is a returns app that works for Shopify worldwide
Screenshot showing advanced Shopify return reasons and policies

Advanced Return Policies

Create custom return policies with advanced rules based on 25+ attributes. Prevent returns on final sale, send returns to different warehouses, limit shipping methods, and more.

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Create return shipping labels from dozens of carriers worldwide

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Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates

Straightforward Pricing

ReturnZap has a flat monthly fee for all plans. No per return fees and no volume caps on any ReturnZap plan


Streamline returns with a branded returns portal, return labels, and one click refund and restock

PRO Plan

Adds exchange and store credit support, cross-border returns, and more


Adds return automation for shops with more advanced needs and higher returns volumes

Even More Features

Every store is different. ReturnZap gives you the flexibility you need to create a custom return policy and define a returns workflow that fits your brand.

Icon showing Shopify return approval workflows

Approval Workflows

Automatically approve returns as they come in, or set for manual review and approval

Icon showing translatable Shopify returns portal

Works in 12 Languages

Customer portal works in English, German, French, Spanish, and more. Add your own translations too!

Icon showing one click resolution for Shopify returns

One Click Return Resolution

Restock items, issue refunds, process exchanges and store credit right from the app

Icon showing holiday return windows within ReturnZap

Holiday Returns

Extend your return window for purchases during the busy holiday season with flexible rules

Icon showing international returns for Shopify merchants

Cross-Border Returns

Automatically add customs information and ship returns across international borders

Icon indicating Shopify customers can pay for return shipping labels

Stripe Integration

Connect your Stripe account to charge customers upfront for return shipping costs

Icon showing that ReturnZap can automatically issue Shopify refunds

Return Automation

Automatically resolve returns based on tracking status and events

Icon showing variable restocking fees in ReturnZap

Restocking Fees

Set variable return or restocking fees right from the app

Icon showing customizable returns notifications

Customer Notifications

Trigger automated notifications based on return status to keep customers updated

Icon showing advanced Shopify return rules

Advanced Rules

Create rules based on 20+ attributes for custom policies. Prevent returns on final sale items, route to different destinations, and more

Icon showing unlimited Shopify return destinations

Unlimited Destinations

Send returns to 1 warehouse or 100+, with logic controlled by rules. Great for dropshippers!

Icon showing advanced customer returns API access

API Access

Build custom functionality on top of ReturnZap with our open platform API

Icons showing a packing slip, included in ReturnZap

Packing Slips

Automatically create packing slips to go in the return box to speed up and simplify processing

Icon indicating ease of use and simple setup

Easy to Use

Customers love ReturnZap because it is easy to set up and use but offers powerful customization