Connect Any System With the ReturnZap API

Use ReturnZap's powerful API and Webhook functionality to extend Shopify returns and integrate with third party systems

API Features

Flexible and Powerful

Open API Built on GraphQL

Our returns API is built on GraphQL, the same API standard used by Shopify.  GraphQL is fast, flexible, and developer-friendly, allowing advanced Shopify returns functionality built on the ReturnZap platform

Webhook Alerts

Keep outside systems in sync with custom webhook events. ReturnZap can trigger webhooks when returns are created or updated in the system, allowing integrations into third party systems like ERPs, WMS systems, and more.

Custom Integrations

Integrate any system with ReturnZap to level up your Shopify returns management process. Our flexible, extensible API allows for a complete end to end returns process across warehouse management systems, logistics integrations, ERP systems, helpdesks, and more.  

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