Offer Bonus Store Credit for Shopify Returns

ReturnZap is happy to announce a new feature to help Shopify sellers manage returns and reduce refunds. Stores can now configure a bonus store credit amount to incentivize customers to choose store credit over refunds when initiating a return.

This commonly requested feature will help sellers divert refunds to store credit, encourage follow up purchases, and delight customers.

The optional bonus credit will display to customers within the ReturnZap returns portal as a clear incentive to select store credit over refunds.

How store credit works in ReturnZap

Sellers using Shopify can use ReturnZap to offer store credit to customers looking to return an item. There are 3 ways that store credit can be processed in ReturnZap:

  1. Manually, by arranging store credit directly through the Shopify admin
  2. Directly within ReturnZap, by offering a discount code
  3. Directly within ReturnZap, by offering a gift card

Bonus credit can be configured within the ReturnZap returns portal for all 3 methods.

Options for bonus credit

Every Shopify store is unique, so we've built the bonus credit feature in a way that allows for maximum flexibility. With ReturnZap, you'll have the ability to customize the incentive offered to your customers as a bonus.

Customizable components include:

  • The percentage bonus to offer, based on item sell price
  • How the percentage will be calculated on the return - per item, per line item, or once per return
  • The minimum and maximum incentive to offer
  • Whether to round the bonus credit to a full unit

Benefits of bonus credit

There are numerous benefits to configuring bonus credit through ReturnZap.

Reduces refunds

First and foremost, offering an incentive for customers to choose store credit will reduce the number of refunds you issue for returns.

From a seller perspective, store credit is strongly preferable to refunds since it keeps cash in your pocket and encourages customers to shop with you again.

Builds brand loyalty

Offering store credit, either in the form of a gift card or a discount code, builds brand loyalty with your customers. They'll come back to shop with you again in order to use the store credit.

Often, customers will spend even more when shopping with you again, leading to additional revenue above and beyond the original credit amount.

Set limits to control cost

ReturnZap gives you the flexibility to control the bonus offering. Set limits to offer an incentive which is just enough to encourage customers to choose store credit, without breaking the bank.

Turn a poor experience into a positive

Nobody likes having to return a product. But by offering a small bonus, you can turn a negative experience for the customer (getting an item which they didn't like) into a positive one.

Surprise and delight like this is a great way to increase brand loyalty and boost overall customer happiness.

Learn more

Already a ReturnZap customer? Check out our help documentation to learn how to configure bonus credit on your account.

New to ReturnZap? Schedule a demo with us to learn more about bonus credit functionality and to see if ReturnZap can be a fit.

David Amouyal
February 29, 2024

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