Automated RMAs and Returns is Rebranding to ReturnZap

ReturnZap Shopify Returns App

Automated RMAs and Returns is now ReturnZap - the same great functionality as always with new, better features and an improved back end.

Why the change? 

We have been listening to customer feedback and have worked hard on a totally revamped platform to make ReturnZap the best app to manage your Shopify customer returns. Our new branding reflects our commitment to make ReturnZap to most complete, most economical way to take the headache out of managing returns.

Key improvements:

  • A totally rewritten back end to improve flexibility and make future updates quicker and more seamless
  • Revamped customer-facing returns portal, using modern Javascript, to make the returns process even easier for your customers
  • Improved sorting, filtering, and export functionality on your admin returns view
  • Track the shipping status of your returns directly on your admin view to see which returns are en route and which have not yet shipped


Will details about my plan be changing?

No, all features, functionality, and pricing for your current plan will remain the same.

How do I access ReturnZap?

No action is needed on your part. You do not need to install a new app - the current app will simply update to be called ReturnZap. If you sort your list of Shopify apps alphabetically, ReturnZap will now be located under R instead of A for Automated RMAs and Returns.

Will you be removing functionality I use on a daily basis?

No - all existing Automated RMAs and Returns functionality will remain in place. We will continue to make improvements to the overall layout and page structure, so some functionality may be moved to better align with existing Shopify standards. New features will be added over time so please check back often!

Will my customers notice any changes after the rebrand?

The only change that will be visible to your customers will be the email address from which they receive return update notifications. These will be transitioning from to This will be the email address used for all customer notifications going forward. The content of those emails will remain unchanged. 

I have a suggestion for a feature

Great! Please reach out to us at with your suggestion - all the improvements we have been rolling out have been in direct response to customer feedback and suggestions. We value your input.


The ReturnZap Team

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David Amouyal
April 3, 2022

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