UK Return Shipping Methods

ReturnZap supports the following return methods for UK shops:

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Customer Paid Label Via ReturnZap Portal

Prepaid Label - Store Account

Prepaid Label - ReturnZap Account

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ReturnZap Supports Major UK Shipping Carriers

  • ReturnZap customers can generate return shipping labels for all major UK carriers, including Royal Mail and Evri. 
  • ReturnZap has our own shipping account with Evri in the UK, which allows you to enable the customer paid label flow within your returns portal with no further set up
  • We also integrate with dozens of carriers worldwide through our integration with Easypost and Sendcloud. This is the way to go if you want to offer prepaid return labels to your customers. 
  • Questions? Read about how return labels work in ReturnZap.

Customer Paid Labels - Supported Carriers

If customer paid return labels are enabled for your shop, your UK based customers will be able to generate return labels using the ReturnZap global account from:

Alternatively, you can connect your own shipping carrier accounts and collect payment from your customers directly via our payment integration with Stripe. 

Prepaid Return Labels - Supported Carriers

If you wish to offer prepaid return labels to your UK based customers, you can connect the following carriers. Please see carrier specific details below. 

Offering prepaid labels on your account requires a paid ReturnZap plan and an account with either Easypost.com for Royal Mail or Sendcloud.com, which supports Royal Mail and several other carriers. 

Read our guide on getting started with Easypost here

UK Return Labels - Carrier Specifics

ReturnZap allows you to create return shipping labels for all major UK shipping carriers through our integrations with Easypost and Sendcloud. 

If you already have an account established with a carrier like Royal Mail, you can connect it directly using the relevant integration. If you do not already have a shipping account, you can sign up for a free account with Sendcloud and ship using their pre-negotiated global rates. 

Both Easypost and Sendcloud can be connected to ReturnZap via an easy to generate API key. 

Easypost SVG Logo

Easypost Supported Carriers

You must already have carrier accounts established in order to create return labels using Easypost

  • Royal Mail
  • UPS
  • FedEx
Sendcloud Logo

Sendcloud Supported Carriers

Sendcloud allows you to connect your own carrier accounts, or you can use Sendcloud’s default carrier accounts for several carriers including Evri. 

  • Royal Mail
  • Evri / Hermes
  • DPD
  •  Inpost
  • UPS
  • FedEx

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