Allowing Customers To Purchase a Return Label From The ReturnZap Returns Portal

ReturnZap gives you the option to charge customers for returns directly within the returns flow

Charge customers for Shopify returns

How it Works

With ReturnZap, you can allow customers to generate and pay for return labels from within the embedded self-serve customer returns portal. 

Customers pay via a credit card directly within the returns flow and do not need to contact your customer support. 

An RMA and a return label are created on the fly, allowing your customer to return their item(s) to you at no cost to you.

Customers can pay for return labels directly within the returns portal
Customers pay for return labels directly within the ReturnZap self serve portal

Enabling the pay for label option via global settings

Customer-paid labels work differently depending on your ReturnZap subscription plan. 

Free Plan

On the ReturnZap Free Plan:

  • For US and Canadian Shopify shops
    • Customer paid labels enabled by default
    • No additional configuration required
  • For shops based outside of the US or Canada
    • Not enabled, must upgrade to paid plan and connect Easpost / Stripe to enable

Paid Plans

On the ReturnZap Paid Plans:

  • Customer paid labels enabled by default, ReturnZap handles payment and shipping labels
  • Shop admins may disable customer paid labels if desired
  • Shop admins may also connect their own Easypost and Stripe accounts to offer labels and billing on their own account

On ReturnZap paid plans, customer-paid return labels can be toggled on or off by navigating to Settings > Shipping and Return Labels within the ReturnZap app and selecting enable or disable. 

Be sure to hit save before exiting the page!

Connecting Your Easypost and Stripe accounts

The ReturnZap free plan does not support Easypost or Stripe integrations. 

Customers on the ReturnZap Standard or Pro plans have the option of connecting Easpost and Stripe credentials if they wish to user their own carriers accounts for billing purposes. ReturnZap will charge the customer using your Stripe credentials and will generate a return label using your Easypost account. 

Learn more about setting up your Easypost account

(Coming soon) Learn more about connecting a Stripe account 

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