German Return Shipping Methods

ReturnZap supports the following return methods for German shops:

Customer Ships Using Carrier of Choice

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Customer Paid Label Via ReturnZap Portal

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Prepaid Label - Store Account

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Prepaid Label - ReturnZap Account

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Supported Germany Carriers Vary By Return Shipping Method

  • Shopify does not natively support Australian return shipping labels, so merchants based in Germany must use a 3rd party app like ReturnZap to offer a streamlined returns process
  • ReturnZap supports different shipping carriers for Shopify return shipping labels based on the method selected.
  • We have our own shipping accounts with certain carriers, which allows you to enable the customer paid label flow within your returns portal.
  • We also integrate with dozens of carriers worldwide through our integration with Easypost. This is the way to go if you have your own carrier accounts, or if you want to offer prepaid return labels to your customers.
  • Questions? Read about how return labels work in ReturnZap.

Customer Paid Labels - Supported Carriers

If customer paid return labels are enabled for your shop, your Germany based customers will be able to generate return labels using the ReturnZap global account from:

DHL Return Shipping Label
Shopify return labels using DPD in Germany

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Prepaid Return Labels - Supported Carriers

If you wish to offer prepaid return labels to your German customers, you can connect the following carriers. You must have your own accounts with these carriers in order to create return labels through ReturnZap.

DHL Return Shipping Label
Shopify return labels using DPD in Germany
UPS Return Shipping Labels
FedEx Return Shipping Label

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Offering prepaid labels on your account requires a paid ReturnZap plan and a free account with Easypost. Read our guide on getting started with Easypost here.