Configuring Return Policies in ReturnZap

ReturnZap allows merchants to define a custom Shopify return policy. With ReturnZap, you can:

  • Allow customers to generate RMAs and return labels to return for a full refund
  • Configure exchanges, and allow customers to generate return labels and indicate items for exchange
  • Allow customers to create return labels and RMAs in exchange for store credit
  • Define custom return windows for each type of return

How to Configure a Shopify Return Policy Using ReturnZap

After opening the ReturnZap application, navigate to Settings > Return Policy > Configure Return Policy. (It should be the first option). 

You will see a screen that looks like this:

Customize Shopify Return Policies
ReturnZap allows you to define custom return windows

You can take several actions on this screen:

  • If you wish to allow customers to initiate returns for a full refund, check the box labeled “Offer refunds”
  • If you wish to allow customers to exchange products, check the box labeled “Offer exchanges”
  • If you wish to allow customers to return items in exchange for store credit, check the box labeled “Offer store credit”.

You can also configure separate return windows for each type of return, based on days since delivery. For example, you could offer returns for a full refund up to 30 days after delivery but offer returns for store credit up to 60 days after delivery. 

Many Shopify merchants opt to offer extended return windows when customers select to exchange an item, or to return for store credit. This allows merchants to create customer-friendly return policies without having to offer refunds indefinitely. 

Interested in learning more about creating Shopify return policies? Read our article on best practices, which includes a return policy template. 

What customers see after you configure your custom Shopify return policy

The policies you define on your Return Policy settings screen will impact what customers see when they interact with the ReturnZap customer returns portal

Customers will be presented with these options after selecting the items they wish to return:

Additional ways to configure your returns flow via the Return Policy settings page

The Return Policy page on ReturnZap also allows you to define your store’s return reasons. Customers will be presented with these options during the return flow. 

Custom return reasons for Shopify
ReturnZap lets Shopify merchants customize their return reasons

Looking for additional support to get started using ReturnZap? Read our help and support articles or reach out to our dedicated support team at support@returnzap.com – we are here to help!


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