How to Embed the ReturnZap Customer Portal Onto Your Shopify Site

Adding a customer facing portal to your Shopify site to allow customers to generate RMAs and return labels is easy using ReturnZap. Here’s how to set it up. 

From your ReturnZap admin portal, navigate to the ReturnZap Settings page in the top navigation bar. 

Scroll down to the last element on the page, labeled “Customer Portal”, and click Install Customer Portal. 

This will take you to a new page that contains the custom javascript code you will need to embed on your Shopify page. 

On the next page, copy and paste all of the code displayed by either selecting it all and copying, or clicking the “Copy to Clipboard” button in green. 

Once copied, you can embed this code into any page within your Shopify store. ReturnZap recommends that you create a new page specifically dedicated to handling customer return requests. 

For detail on how to create a page within your Shopify storefront go to the Shopify help page here: Shopify Help – Add a new webpage to your online store


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