Why should I upgrade my ReturnZap plan?

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The ReturnZap Basic plan offers Shopify store owners powerful returns functionality, but users looking for a little more flexibility may want to consider upgrading to a ReturnZap Standard or Pro plan.

The ReturnZap standard plan adds additional features like support for multiple warehouse locations, support for pre-paid return labels, and rules to configure your return policies based on things like sell price and product category.

Unlike other returns management apps, all ReturnZap plans offer unlimited return labels - no use caps or limits here!

Support multiple return warehouses

Do you fulfill from multiple locations? Or drop ship? If you want to send returns to different warehouses, then consider upgrading to the ReturnZap standard plan. The standard plan supports unlimited warehouses locations and gives you the power to define rules to route to them.

Return routing logic and custom rules

Route returns to custom warehouse locations or change your return policies based on 15+ criteria. You can define logic based on discount codes, order dates, order totals, product tags, product vendors and more. With ReturnZap rules functionality you can prevent returns entirely when certain criteria are met.

Create pre-paid labels for your customers

With the ReturnZap free plan customers must pay for their own return label, either directly with the carrier or through the ReturnZap interface. The standard plan allows shop owners to cover the cost of return shipping and offer pre-paid labels to their customers.

Integrate your own carrier accounts

Through our integration with Easypost, the ReturnZap standard plan allows merchants to connect their own carrier accounts to generate return labels. Use your own FedEx, UPS, or other carrier rates when generating return labels.

ReturnZap Standard Plan

Powerful functionality for a low monthly price $ 29 95 / Month

  • Everything from our Basic plan PLUS:
  • Unlimited returns warehouses
  • Powerful routing rules
  • Pre-paid labels for a better customer experience
  • Use your own carrier accounts
  • No usage charges or per label fees

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