Enabling ReturnZap In Line Exchanges

ReturnZap has rolled out an exciting new feature that simplifies the exchange process for shop administrators and customers alike.

Now, shop admins can enable inline variant exchange within the ReturnZap Customer Returns Portal, eliminating the need for manual order creation and providing customers with instant satisfaction.

This article will walk you through the steps to set it up.

How Inline Variant Exchange Works

1. Seamless Exchanges:

  • Customers can now request a different size, color, or other variant of the same product directly within the ReturnZap returns portal.

2. Automated Order Creation:

  • ReturnZap automatically generates a draft order in Shopify, saving shop admins valuable time. ReturnZap can even reserve inventory for a period of time to avoid the risk of oversell while you wait for a return to make its way back to you.

3. One-Click Exchange Resolution:

  • Shop admins can quickly complete exchanges with a single click, creating a no-cost replacement order for the customer.

How to Enable Inline Variant Exchange

Note: Inline exchange is only available to shops on ReturnZap Pro, Plus, and Enterprise plans. Learn more about all of our plans here.

Here's how shop admins can set it up:

1. Access ReturnZap Polciy Settings:

  • Within the ReturnZap admin, navigate to the ReturnZap settings page and select Policies.

2. Choose Inline Variant Exchange:

  • Make sure the option for "Offer exchanges" is checked
  • Select the option for "Inline variant exchange"

3. Configuration Options:

  • Customize the inline exchange process by configuring the following options:
  • Days to reserve inventory on draft order: Set the duration (default is 14 days) for reserving inventory on draft orders. Adjust to your preference or set to zero if you do not wish to reserve inventory.
  • Only allow exchange for variants of the same price: ReturnZap will automatically create a replacement order at no cost to the user. You will need to determine if this should be available for all variants of the same product, or whether customers can only exchange for variants of the same price. Enable this option to restrict exchanges only to variants of the same price.
  • Comments: Choose whether customers can leave additional comments with their exchange, with the option to make them required
Automated Shopify exchange settings

The Customer Experience

Once inline exchanges are enabled, customers will be prompted to select an option for exchange within the ReturnZap portal. Customers can select two types of returns:

Replace with the same item

  • Creates a draft order for the same option as the original order
  • Useful for replacements in case of damage or incorrect item
  • Will not display an option for further variant selection to the customer

Replace with another item

  • Can only be selected if the product has multiple in-stock variants
  • Considers the setting to only allow exchange for variants of the same price when displaying available options
  • Prompts customer to select the variant combinations desired as part of the item exchange
Choose replacement variant in ReturnZap exchange portal

Once a replacement item is selected, the customer proceeds as normal through the exchange.

Prior to submitting their return for shipping, they will have the opportunity to review their in progress exchange.

Review your variant exchange in the ReturnZap portal

Resolving an exchange from the RMA page

When processing a return, ReturnZap admin users will have the option to complete the exchange directly from the ReturnZap RMA page.

When selected, ReturnZap will display the original item alongside the replacement order. Admins will have the option to restock the item and to complete the exchange.

Completing the exchange will convert the draft order into an order, ready for fulfillment,

Frequently Asked Questions

When will images display in the portal?

ReturnZap will display variant images if there is only one variant type on a product (for example, color) and if individual images are defined for those variants within the Shopify product catalog.

Can I offer exchanges across multiple products?

As of now, ReturnZap only supports exchanges for different variants of the same product.