Providing Prepaid Return Labels to Customers

Offer prepaid return labels to your customers with ReturnZap by following these simple steps

Create Prepaid Shopify Return Labels with ReturnZap

Note: ReturnZap now supports dozens of shipping carrier integrations in the UK and across Europe through our integration with If you wish to use Sendcloud to generate return labels, please contact ReturnZap support for configuration. For US based merchants, please follow the Easypost configuration steps below.

Before you can offer prepaid return labels to your customers via ReturnZap, make sure the following steps are complete:

1. You are using the ReturnZap Standard or Pro plans.

2. You have connected your Easypost account to ReturnZap

3. You have configured at least one valid shipping method on your Easypost account

  • Your Easypost account must have at least one valid shipping method configured in order to generate prepaid labels in ReturnZap. This can be done in one of two ways:
  • Directly connecting your carrier account(s) to Easypost in order to generate labels. Easypost supports dozens of carriers worldwide including UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Royal Mail.
  • (For US returns only) Utilize the default Easypost USPS account by connecting a payment method directly to your Easypost account. Easypost will generate labels using this USPS account and will charge your payment method directly. No third party carrier account required.
  • ReturnZap will not be able to generate prepaid return labels unless one of these two methods is configured

Enabling prepaid return labels globally

Once the 3 steps above are complete, you will be able to offer prepaid return labels to your customers via ReturnZap.

Navigate to Settings > Shipping and Return Labels within the ReturnZap app and make sure that the option for prepaid labels is enabled for all customers. It should look like this:

Automate prepaid Shopify return labels with ReturnZap

Customizing prepaid label eligibility via ReturnZap rules

Do you want all of your customers to be able to access prepaid return labels for all purchases? Great, no other configuration is required. You will have the option to generate a prepaid return label via an admin initiated return, or your customers can do the same via the ReturnZap self service returns portal.

But if you want to limit prepaid return labels to certain customer segments or specific products or types of returns, you can do this via the ReturnZap rules engine.

Learn more about configuring rules via ReturnZap.

How prepaid labels work with ReturnZap

Once you have connected an eligible Easypost account and enabled the prepaid return label option, admins and customers will be able to generate a prepaid return label if eligible.

When a prepaid label option is selected, ReturnZap will make an API call to the connected Easypost account and pass relevant return information like origin/destination address, box size, weight, etc.

ReturnZap then selects the lowest cost rate among the options Easypost returns and generates the return label. You can rest assured that ReturnZap is generating the most cost effective label based on your Easypost configuration.

If you need to force specific carriers or shipping methods please reach out to ReturnZap support for assistance.