Connecting your own carrier accounts using EasyPost

Can I connect my own carrier accounts to ReturnZap to pay for customer return labels?

Yes! ReturnZap supports numerous carrier integrations via our integration with Easypost. Shop owners can connect their accounts directly by creating a FREE Easypost account and entering their shipping account credentials. From there, it takes two clicks to generate a simple Easypost API key to enter into ReturnZap.

What carriers does ReturnZap support?

ReturnZap allows Shopify store owners to connect to 60+ carriers through Easypost. For a complete listed of supported carriers please view the Easypost website here:

For US-based merchants, Easypost automatically provides a USPS account with discounted rates. Merchants can also set up a UPS account with just a few clicks. USPS and UPS accounts are billed directly through Easypost. You must set up a billing method through Easypost in order to enable these accounts! Easypost has an article on how to do this here:

How do I connect my own carrier account to ReturnZap through Easypost?

Connecting your own carrier accounts through Easypost is a simple process. But first, you will need a free Easypost account to configure your integration. Easypost is free to use up to 120,000 annual packages.

Step 1: Register for your free Easypost account at and complete account sign up

Step 2: Navigate to your Carrier Accounts configuration page in the top left corner of your Easypost screen by clicking on your email address and selecting "Carrier Accounts" from the dropdown as shown below.

Step 3: Search for the carrier you want to connect, or select from the list of options on the right

Note: For merchants based in the US, Easypost allows simple one click account setup for USPS and UPS credentials. Billing is handled directly through Easypost.

Step 4: Enter your carrier credentials to complete Easypost carrier integration. Exact requirements will vary depending on the carrier. We recommend consulting with your carrier to ensure you have the correct information required by Easypost.

Great! Now, let's generate an Easypost API key to connect Easypost (and your connected carrier accounts) to ReturnZap.

Step 5: Go back to your account dropdown in the top left of the screen, and select "API Keys"

Step 6: Generate a production API key via Easypost. Keep this key a secret! Anyone who has access to it can generate paid labels on your account. Write it down someone safe and secure in case you need to reference it again in the future. Make sure the API key is set to "active" within Easypost using the toggle.

Step 7: Click to show the API key and copy it to your computer clipboard.

Step 8: Open the ReturnZap app on your list of Shopify apps

Step 9: Navigate to ReturnZap settings from the header bar, and scroll down to Integrations. Click "Configure Integrations".

Step 10: Paste your Easypost production API key in the field provided for Easypost. Make sure you save the page after entering your production API key.

Congratulations, you're done! Labels generated via Easypost will now use your preconfigured carrier accounts.