Providing Prepaid Return Labels to Customers

Offer prepaid return labels to your customers with ReturnZap by following these simple steps Before you can offer prepaid return labels to your customers via ReturnZap, make sure the following steps are complete: 1. You are using the ReturnZap Standard … Read More

Allowing Customers To Purchase a Return Label From The ReturnZap Returns Portal

ReturnZap gives you the option to charge customers for returns directly within the returns flow How it Works With ReturnZap, you can allow customers to generate and pay for return labels from within the embedded self-serve customer returns portal.  Customers … Read More

Allowing Customers to Return Items Using Their Own Shipping Method

Allow customers to return items to you using their own shipping method With ReturnZap, you can allow customers to return items to you by shipping themselves using the carrier of their choice.  This provides your customers the greatest flexibility when … Read More

Creating customer returns notifications with ReturnZap

Customizable Shopify Returns Email Notifications All ReturnZap plans let you customize the look and feel of the notifications you send to customers during the returns process. All ReturnZap plans include the ability to edit the following customer notifications: Waiting for … Read More

Create custom shopify returns logic with ReturnZap

Creating Custom Return Rules With ReturnZap

Use Custom Return Logic with ReturnZap Note: Return rules are available on the ReturnZap Standard plan and above. Learn more about the benefits of upgrading. With ReturnZap, you can define custom rules to change your shop’s return behavior based on … Read More

Defining Return Reasons in ReturnZap

Define Custom Return Reasons in Shopify with ReturnZap With its default returns functionality, Shopify allows merchants to select return reasons from a pre-configured list of options. But it does not let merchants customize this list, or create custom return policies … Read More

Configuring Return Policies in ReturnZap

ReturnZap allows merchants to define a custom Shopify return policy. With ReturnZap, you can: Allow customers to generate RMAs and return labels to return for a full refund Configure exchanges, and allow customers to generate return labels and indicate items … Read More

Why should I upgrade to a paid plan?

The ReturnZap free plan offers Shopify store owners powerful returns functionality at no cost, but users looking for a little more flexibility may want to consider upgrading to a ReturnZap paid plan. The ReturnZap standard plan adds additional features like … Read More

Getting the most out of the ReturnZap rules engine

Create a self service customer returns portal with the ReturnZap Shopify Returns App

How to Embed the ReturnZap Customer Portal Onto Your Shopify Site

Adding a customer facing portal to your Shopify site to allow customers to generate RMAs and return labels is easy using ReturnZap. Here’s how to set it up.  From your ReturnZap admin portal, navigate to the ReturnZap Settings page in … Read More